Monday, September 22, 2008


Right now the big talk is money....$$$$. Nobody seems to have enough of it, the money printing people keep printing more, the value is going down the tubes. The federal government continues to bail out every big guy who screws up in handling the $$$$. The big guy gets more $$$$ and a bailout. Something just ain't right. Now, I am not an economist, but I do know that one should never spend more than one makes, save for a rainy day, etc. I also figure just because I handle my $$$$ correctly does not mean I should have to take care of every greedy dumbass who gets caught or screws up. As I say, poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine!

King Obama was in my state of Wisconsin, today...Green Bay. I think his crowd was somewhat smaller than a Packer game attendence. He spoke about President Bush, that in the past he has said if you are out of a job, without health care, cannot afford to go to are on your own. First, most people seem to find the unemployment office if they lose their job. Now, if they quit their job, for whatever reason, they might have a problem collecting...but then again I have seen them collect anyway. Get another job. Don't be so picky until you can afford to be picky. You are without health care insurance, there is Medicaid. If you make too much to be on Medicaid, some states have healthcare for kids at a minimal charge per month. You can't afford that, what can you give up to afford it....cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, soda, Starbucks, big screen TV? Do your kids have the latest electronic gadget, Xbox, a cell phone but have not been to a dentist in how many years? Can't afford college for your kids? So, they would die if they had to work their way through and help pay for their education? They might even appreciate it a little more.

So, while the whine continues, we bail out big business. I am to understand this is for the good of the economy. Maybe the day is going to have to come to just let it fail. Let everyone go down the crapper at the same time. Then, when we all get to the bottom those who are strong enough and willing to do the work will crawl back out. Maybe then we can just leave the rest at the bottom and let them figure it out for themselves. I'm for not even throwing one square of Charmin.

Before you point a finger at me and tell me I have no clue, let me say this, "Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt." You are preaching to the choir.

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