Friday, December 5, 2008

Campaign Funds/Guilt

Obama raised a total of $745 Million for his presidential campaign. Imagine how many people on 'entitlement programs' that might have helped. Now, if he can continue to receive $$ from those same sheep, from those same kool aid drinkers during his term in office (should he be able to control his and the res of the Democrats spending) he just might be able to take care of some of our debt. At least a chunk of it. If these people continue to donate, maybe his fingers would stay out of the pockets of the rest of us. I wonder how much 'bang for their buck' these people are going to enjoy?

On raising campaign funds, maybe it is time the candidates are required to take the allotted amount of money from the government to pay for thier campaign. This way the voting public can see how they are able to handle the funds given to them. If one cannot run a clean campaign, on the specified amount then possibly they have no business sitting behind the desk in the Oval office. If no monies are brought in from outside sources, that candidate then 'owes' less to others later. This, of course, would not account for votes brought in by ACORN, the UAW and others. But it still might help. We might not have to suffer through quite so many commercials!

Yesterday on the Hannity radio show an Obama supporter called in to state she and her husband owned their own business, making a very comfortable 6 figure income. She stated they paid very little into the government in taxes because of all of the tax deductions they were able to use. This she felt was not fair to others who did not make as much money as they did. She felt they could do more. Had I been Hannity I might have asked her how much she donated to a cause to help these people, how many times she volunteered at a church or other organization during the holiday times to serve and feed the less fortunate. Many times I find these people do not unless they are looking for that tax deduction. Liberals seem to talk about how much should be done for others and who should do it, but it never seems to include them. If this woman and her husband feel so guilty, then possibly this year they should not take the tax deductions allowed them and therefore they could pay in more in taxes. The government would have a few extra pennies in it's pocket, and they would have less guilt over their wealth.