Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson died? When did that happen....

I thought maybe, while watching the confirmation hearings the other day for a bit, Ms. Sotomamayor was beginning to write her memoirs. Enough scratching going on that pad of paper...or maybe she was just so bored watching the entire dog and pony show that she was writing out her grocery list. I know when I am at work and need to stop at the grocery store afterwards, I keep a small pad of paper available to add to the list as I think of items. By then I am past 2 items and a list is needed...

Did not Clarence Thomas go to hell and back with his confirmation hearings r/t the accusations of sexual harassment? That seemed to be more of an issue for the Dems than any of his rulings.

Here is something I have been using talking to the people at my Congressmen's offices that has to do their NOT reading the bills presented them. "I am a nurse (which I am) and I am taking care of you/and/or a family member. The physician writes many pages of orders that are very important in you/their daily care. I do not read the orders all the way through because I must perform those orders 'swiftly and boldly'. Because there are so many pages (and I have seen many pages of orders that are hand written in physician chicken scrawling that require some expertise in deciffering, not typed out neatly for 'swift and bold' reading) I pick out key words and phrases that catch my eye. I take these so called 'keys' and that is how I deliver your care. I do not read all of the orders because 'I do not have time'. Although I hear you telling me I need to read all of the orders because you want to be sure I am doing everything exactly as it is stated, I do not do so. 'Key phrases and words' are enough. I'll sort the rest out later. Do you SERIOUSLY want me to be the nurse taking of you or your family member??? If the answer is "no", THEN Mr. and Ms. elected official who is to be REPRESENTING 'We the People'....STOP RUNNING THE COUNTRY WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

Pretty soon that 'cheap suit' is going to be so full of wrinkles, he will never get them ironed out!

The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Campaign Funds/Guilt

Obama raised a total of $745 Million for his presidential campaign. Imagine how many people on 'entitlement programs' that might have helped. Now, if he can continue to receive $$ from those same sheep, from those same kool aid drinkers during his term in office (should he be able to control his and the res of the Democrats spending) he just might be able to take care of some of our debt. At least a chunk of it. If these people continue to donate, maybe his fingers would stay out of the pockets of the rest of us. I wonder how much 'bang for their buck' these people are going to enjoy?

On raising campaign funds, maybe it is time the candidates are required to take the allotted amount of money from the government to pay for thier campaign. This way the voting public can see how they are able to handle the funds given to them. If one cannot run a clean campaign, on the specified amount then possibly they have no business sitting behind the desk in the Oval office. If no monies are brought in from outside sources, that candidate then 'owes' less to others later. This, of course, would not account for votes brought in by ACORN, the UAW and others. But it still might help. We might not have to suffer through quite so many commercials!

Yesterday on the Hannity radio show an Obama supporter called in to state she and her husband owned their own business, making a very comfortable 6 figure income. She stated they paid very little into the government in taxes because of all of the tax deductions they were able to use. This she felt was not fair to others who did not make as much money as they did. She felt they could do more. Had I been Hannity I might have asked her how much she donated to a cause to help these people, how many times she volunteered at a church or other organization during the holiday times to serve and feed the less fortunate. Many times I find these people do not unless they are looking for that tax deduction. Liberals seem to talk about how much should be done for others and who should do it, but it never seems to include them. If this woman and her husband feel so guilty, then possibly this year they should not take the tax deductions allowed them and therefore they could pay in more in taxes. The government would have a few extra pennies in it's pocket, and they would have less guilt over their wealth.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hang On!

Hang on to your Bible, hide your guns and your $$$. The enemy has arrived. If he ever dons a blue cap'.....we're screwed, more so than we already are. It's gonna be a very rough ride.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Burnt Out

I am burnt out on politics. I am not sure I can make it through the next 2 weeks and keep my sanity. I have found the mute button the remote and am using it consistantly. I do not want to hear one more promise that is not going to be kept, one more slur, one more bash. I want the facts. I want to know what each candidate is going to attempt to do to my country over the next 4 years. I do not want political, BS rhetoric or promises put to me in language I have no clue what it means. I am tired of double talk, of 'legalese' crap that I know is piled so high and stinks so bad I can barely believe they really 'think' I believe it.

I don't care if Sarah Palin and her husband got married maybe just months before the birth of their first child. I doubt they will go down in history if it is true. Bill Clinton got a blow job in the Oval Office and that was supposed to be ignored. Hillary, you must want that Oval Office job really bad to put up with that crap. I would have dropped kicked his dumb ass down the steps of the White House and sent it packing down Pensylvannia Ave. I don't care how much money the RNC spent on clothing for the Palin family, clothing that will be donated afterwards. I imagine the clothes worn by Sarah would do a mighty fine job for some homeless lady who needs a super nice outfit for a job interview. I don't care that McCain does not, or can not use a computer. I don't even care if McCain has a temper. GOOD! Let him turn that temper loose on Putin, Chavez, the little man in the little insignificant country of Iran at 3AM. Let him be the one you do not want to piss off.

I do care about a presidential candidate that nobody really knows anything about. I do care bout the socialist attitude the Democrats have taken.....share the wealth. Not MY wealth. I work hard for my money and if I want to share it, I will. If I don't, then damn it I won't. I pay out too much in taxes as it is, I certainly do not want Obama's entitlement programs to cost me anymore than they already do. There is no way he can pay for them unless he raises taxes...on many of the 95% he states he is going to help....of which 40%pay no taxes at all. His 'share the wealth' is simply theft of my money so some lazy ass can continue to sit at home complaining because the government has not done enough. Enough already. Bigger government costs more, at my expense. Bigger government means more noses in my business. I do not need your help, boys. Your assistance always requires one thing, a jar of vaseline.

The election will be decided by the people. Just which set of people are going to decide. Will it be the set who are so engrossed in the lives of the rich and famous, wanting to be one of them so badly they will follow another hollow human being.........the new Messiah....down the road of destruction? Will the readers of People and US magazine decide our future? Will it be decided by one of two 'Joes", the "Joe Bidens" or "Joe the Plumbers"? Will it be by those who will vote for Obama because he will change things, but when asked they have no clue what the 'change' means or how he intends to do it. They only know the rhetoric is good, the promises are sugar coated, the 'free lunch' is there. They are in a stupor drunk from too much 'koolaid'. I always say, "Don't drink the koolaid.".

I hope the election will be decided by 'the silent majority'. The people who know right from wrong, that it takes the 'Joe the Plumbers' of this country to keep it going, not the elite of Hollywood or the Beltway. These are the people who go to work everyday, buy only what they can afford to pay for, who work through the tough times without whining and expecting a handout. These people raise their children to be proficient in the 3 "R's" and not computer games, to know right from wrong, to know when to help someone and when to let them learn from their mistakes. They know GOD, they know what this country's foundation was meant to stand for, they understand the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights. They realize they have the RIGHT to pursue happiness, but maybe not attain it. They know they have the right to pursue success, but not necessarily become successful. They understand that there will always be those in this world who will 'have', and some who will not 'have'. They understand there are bad people in this world and some need to be dealt with accordingly. They realize that unless they can take care of themselves and respect themselves, nobody else will.

I hope the silent majority are not silent on November 4th.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A 12 year old "Gets It'

A few weeks back I was amazed that my 12 year old grandson 'got it'. Sometimes I feel as if most of America doesn't 'get it'. We were traveling down 151 from Dubuque, IA headed back into WI to my place. I had Glenn Beck's nightly TV show on Sirius radio. Glenn was on a rant about Obama, soclialism and Obama's distribution of wealth. I assumed my grandson was engrossed in whatever was on his iPod, MP3 player..or whatever he had going. Little did I know he was listening AND paying attention.

He asked me what Glenn was talking about. I told him, but was not down to his level so he naturally asked me what it meant. I told him in this manner.

"Let's say you want something, a new electronic toy of some kind. The only way for you to get that item is to pay for it. You decide to mow lawns, rake leaves and shovel sidewalks for the neighbors. The money you make you are going to save for your purchase. So, you work really hard and save your money. Now, one of your classmates wants to buy a new electronic toy, also. He mows a couple of lawns, rakes some leaves but does not do much else, does not make as much money as you and does not save as much. You are able to get what you want, but he can't because he does not have enough money."

"Well, he should have worked more."

"Yes, he should have, but he didn't. Maybe he could not get enough jobs, maybe he didn't like to work, maybe he didn't do a very good job. Now, he still wants the toy. Someone decides that since you have the toy, then he should be able to have the same thing, too. So, they decide to take some of the money you make to give to him so that he has as much money as you. If he has as much money as you then he can buy the toy he wants.'

"But grandma, he didn't make the money, I did. Why should he get some of my money?"

"Well, some people think that everyone should be the same and have the same amount of money. In order for that to happen, those of us who work hard and make money have to give some of our money to them."

"But are they going to do something for you for the money you give them?"

"No, the money just goes to them. They do not have to do anything."

"Well that's just stupid. I'm not going to give my money to someone just because they want it."

"I agree with you. What would you do then?"

"I guess after I got my toy I would stop working. I'm not working for someone to take my money. That's just stupid."

Amen, my grandson..........that's just stupid. Just how stupid are we?

Friday, September 26, 2008

They Gave Away Your Mortgage

Ann cuts to the 'meat' of everything. Although she is a die hard conservative, I have read her articles where she will take out a Republican if stupidity rears it's ugly head.

I personally know of 2 couples with families where both parents work fulltime, both white, middle class who were given loans they could not afford. Now, when they were 'granted' these loans they could 'pretty much' afford the payments. It was when the reality of the balloon payment, or when the time came that the interest rate went way up that they could no longer afford their home. One couple I know had increased their income, but not to the extent to cover the cost of their mortgage. I also know for a fact both of them they had a very difficult time getting the loans. When the lender has to rework and retry many, different loan companies to get the loan, something is amiss. I figure as soon as the numbers need to be 'reworked' to make it work, it will get ugly down the road. It did. Fortunately, both couples have been able to refinance and will keep their homes.

Some of these people were led by the nose down the 'rosey path'. Some knew better, but what the hell. While these people should be responsible, the lenders need to be investigated for unethical, and possibly illigal practices...and beat appropriately. Yes, beat. Do not pass go, do not collect your golden parachute, prepare for the beating. This includes those in Congress who let this happen. They knew. If they did not, or are THAT stupid, then they should not be in a position of power. It does not matter to which political party they belong.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have had an issue with both presidential candidates. Neither of them decided to leave their senatorial seat in Congress. In that, I would tend to believe they are still being paid their senatorial wage. In other words, they are getting paid for not working. I know they have people within their campaigns who keep them in step with the workings of Congress. While that is nice, they are still not 'working'. They are campaigning. We are not paying them for that.

Now, our country is in a devastating financial crisis. Everyone in Congress should be in DC working their butts off trying to 'fix' the mess they themselves made. All week I have been saying to myself that both candidates should hike their backsides back to DC, stop with their campaigning, and get to work. The 'veeps' could campaign, but then I guess that would leave only Palin as Biden needs to be at work, also. (Damn, we're paying 3 not to work!)

McCain has made the decision to 'go back to work'. Harry Reid has told him he is 'not needed'. So Harry, now you can decide which of those who have been voted into office by 'We the People' will or will not be needed, or allowed, to go to work? I am thinking that if I lived in Arizona or Illinois ( actually I was an Illinois native until a couple of years ago and no, I did not vote for Obama there) I would want my Senator at work on this issue! It is not for you to pick and choose who will or will not be involved in this process. Sit down, shut the hell up!

Obama said he will go back only 'if needed'. You are a senator, your job is to be in Congress. You need to be there, especially for this event. I want to see what you actually 'do' and not just what you have to 'say'. Or, is your answer, 'present'?