Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have had an issue with both presidential candidates. Neither of them decided to leave their senatorial seat in Congress. In that, I would tend to believe they are still being paid their senatorial wage. In other words, they are getting paid for not working. I know they have people within their campaigns who keep them in step with the workings of Congress. While that is nice, they are still not 'working'. They are campaigning. We are not paying them for that.

Now, our country is in a devastating financial crisis. Everyone in Congress should be in DC working their butts off trying to 'fix' the mess they themselves made. All week I have been saying to myself that both candidates should hike their backsides back to DC, stop with their campaigning, and get to work. The 'veeps' could campaign, but then I guess that would leave only Palin as Biden needs to be at work, also. (Damn, we're paying 3 not to work!)

McCain has made the decision to 'go back to work'. Harry Reid has told him he is 'not needed'. So Harry, now you can decide which of those who have been voted into office by 'We the People' will or will not be needed, or allowed, to go to work? I am thinking that if I lived in Arizona or Illinois ( actually I was an Illinois native until a couple of years ago and no, I did not vote for Obama there) I would want my Senator at work on this issue! It is not for you to pick and choose who will or will not be involved in this process. Sit down, shut the hell up!

Obama said he will go back only 'if needed'. You are a senator, your job is to be in Congress. You need to be there, especially for this event. I want to see what you actually 'do' and not just what you have to 'say'. Or, is your answer, 'present'?

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