Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Makes No Sense

On Monday, 9/22/08 an event is planned at the UN by a Jewish group to protest Iran. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have both been invited to attend. This would be a wonderful 'bipartisan' showing, a uniting of the American people against terror.

Jewish people tend to vote democratic. Hillary will NOT be there. She has now declined. Sarah will attend. The Obama camp has evidently turned their backs on the Jewish people and the reason is unclear to me. Do they 'assume' the Jewish vote will always belong to them? Is Obama concerned he just might 'piss off' Iran if Hillary attends? Let's see, Jewish vote on one hand and Iran's approval on another. Not a difficult decision to make for me would I be the candidate. But then, I'm just sayin'.

Again, not for the good of the country..but for 'self'. Wusses.

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