Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Historical' Moment?

Well, Gustav was somewhat of a disappointment to some. It did manage to pull away news coverage of the RNC and the convention. But since they downsized, instead of supersized, because of Gustav the doings were not much to watch anyway. I finally went to day shift starting yesyterday and was looking forward to following the doings. I was disappointed.

The media did not miss, though, the pregnancy of the unwed, 17 year old daughter of the Republican VP choice. Not only have they been on the attack of that, but bloggers have also decided the baby boy of the AK Gov. is actually the son of daughter Bristol. Obviously that is not true since I believe that baby was born in April and Bristol is 5 months pregnant. SOmehow the calculations do not work out, but then having worked in OB/GYN, I did note a few times what we called , 'breed backs'..those who got pregnant while still in the hospital recovering for the most recent birth. Some men just need to get over it, already!

This is where the media needs to back off. Not because the govenor is a Republican and I intend to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, but because she is a 17 year old girl who has made a 'bad choice' and I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings she is having right now. She is carrying the burden of being a teenage mom and I am sure the guilt of what this could possibly to her mother and the outcome of the election. IF a 17 year old girl's pregnancy is what the MSM feels needs to be one of the deciding factors of a presidential election, then they are more low-life, scumbags than I have been giving them the credit of being. If the voters need this private event to make a decision on voting, then they deserve Obama. Even he has had sense enough to tell the media to leave it alone.

This girl is not the first teen to become pregnant so it is not a historical moment. Somehow the issues of the safety of our country, the war on terror, the economy, ILLEGAL immigration, balancing the budget, etc. seem just a tad more important than than this.


AnnDrea said...

Gov Palin wants to change laws in this country regarding contraception, reproductive education, and women's health access in this country. People are interested in her underage daughter's pregnancy not because it's unusual or unheard of. Quite the contrary, we are interested because of Gov Palin's history of not providing contraceptive education in school - fighting for "abstinence only" eduction - and not allowing the right for every woman to choose. THAT alone makes this fascinating and ironic. Sen Obama has been vocal that he was born to an 18 year old woman and that candidate's children are off-limits. Because Gov Palin has not left the side of a teleprompter for the past week - we could ask her questions about her life and her family - as her family and the decisions and actions that her immediate family has made - are a reflection of her judgement.

AnnDrea said...

PS - If you are concerned about a balanced budget how do you justify voting for McCain who doesn't want to repay our debt to China??

Immigration? How do you justify McCain's views on immigration? What are - by the way - Palin's views on immigration? Does anyone know?

You know - right - that Wasilla was "in the black" until Palin? She left it in a deficit.