Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need I Say More?

This past weekend people sat in an ice cream shop in Aurora, CO. A 3 year old boy enjoying his favorite ice cream. A 3 year old little boy and two adults who did not leave that ice cream shop with smiles on their faces as the sweet sensation of the just consumed delight remained on their tongues. They left the shop as a memory to their families.

The memory is all the families have left after an ILLEGAL alien, Francis Hernandez, crashed his truck into the ice cream shop cutting short the lives of these three people. An ILLEGAL alien who had already been arrested many times over in CO since his ILLEGAL status began. Had he been deported with the first arrest, these three people would still be alive. A little boy would be tucked in bed and kissed good night tonight by his parents. Now he is a memory, a favorite toy, a picture, the warmth of his arms hugging his parents tightly.

An ILLEGAL alien who was allowed to not only breach our border, but who was allowed to stay. These actions have had a consequence. How many more 'consequences' are we going to allow to happen before enough is enough? Only when it hits the family of a politician, will it become an issue to most of those in Congress. Exactly WHO are those in Congress supposed to be keeping safe? Who are they representing? Need I say more?

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