Thursday, September 18, 2008

October Surprise

The latest news out there is the big October Surprise in the upcoming election. Will it be the Democrats finally land a big one and come up with something truly awful about Palin? It does not sound like it.

The 'big surprise' will come from the Obama camp, for sure, and it is rumored to be in the form of a new Veep. What? How about Obama decides to throw Biden under the bus, pulls Hillary out, brushes off a few tread marks and heads her to the podium. Obama and the Democrtic party pretty much tossed Hillary there a long time ago. Now that things are not shining so great for King Obama, it looks as if he might just need to make a change. What better a change than to put the person there he should have in the first place.

Now, how can this be done? Rumor says Biden will suddenly pronounce himself 'ill', or make a great 'gaffe' then deciding for 'the good of the party' he should step down. Possibly it will have to do with his family, Who knows, but whatever the reason, it will really be that Obama's campaign is currently sitting too close to the crapper and he needs to do something fast. What better decision than to put Hillary on the ticket. It would be a winner, for sure.

Well, it would be a winner if he and the Democratic party have not 'pissed off' too many people, that it is not too late to 'unpiss them off', that they are dumb enough to fall for the ploy, and that the Clinton machine go with it. I do not care for Hillary and Bill, or their politics...but on the other hand I have to give her credit for continuing forward with her campaign when it was pretty obvious that ole Grey Hound was headed right for her. I think I will have very little respect for her if she lowers herself to accepting this position, 2nd place...the 2nd time around. How many times does one let themselves be tossed aside as not needed or not good enough, only to then have those same people want you to rescue them from sure defeat? Her base should be furious and start driving their own bus.

Obama should know that Hillary is more than likely looking forward to 2012. If she does not go for it then, she is possibly thinking that at her age it is a 'do or die' affair. If Obama is elected this year, he will probably go for a 2nd term. (GOD help us as we will never survive the first 4 years!) Does Hillary really want to be his Veep, then break off and run against him in 4 years, or worse yet in 8? I'm not so sure she wants him to win this election. Her 'campaigning' for him has been minimal and has not exactly been the most energetic. Are the Clinton's people you want to piss off?

Since McCain has made it known he wants to 'reach across the isle' and add Democrats to his cabinet, maybe Hillary would like a spot there. I do not see McCain running for a 2nd term should he be elected this year. After all, he is the 'old fart' and can't even send an e-mail. Which, by the way, I am certain is a major 'issue' in this campaign with which to be reckoned. Sounds mighty important to me. But then if you cannot send e-mails you leave nothing for the hackers to invade and distort. It just rates right up there with terrorism, the faultering economy, ILLEGAL immigration, etc.

So while the Obama/Clinton ticket was not important to the Democratic party a few weeks ago, it is maybe now an issue. If Obama and the Democrats start making changes now it signals desperation. It reminds me of grade school gym class and picking sides. You pick someone and then realize you should have picked the other one. You hope the person picking for the other team does not notice, they do...they pick that person and you know you are pretty much screwed. It's too late, but you then try to trade off...or pitch a fit stating you 'made a mistake and want to change your mind'. It didn't work then, it shouldn't work now.

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