Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last night just prior to going to bed, I caught a news clip about P.E.T.A. They made the statement, and have requested of Ben and Jerry's...the ice cream moguls, that their ice cream be made of human breast milk. They have a concern about the mama cows and the baby cows. Evidently their screwed up thinking is the milking of cows is traumatic to these cows and the little baby cows. WHAT THE HELL???

They have stated that human breast milk is healthier. Well, yes it is...for human babies. It has everything a baby requires for those first few months of developement. But in ice cream? These people are totally off balanced. And how, or where do they expect to get the mucho gallons of human breast milk it would take to make Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I breast fed my 4 babies, and my answer is, "NOT THINKING SO!".

Cows are accustomed to being milked. It IS a relief for them to be milked. GOD made cows to give us milk. HE gave us the ablility to figure out what all we could do with that milk. If ice cream turns into one of them, so be it. I really do not think HE gave us cows to just make more cows with no real need.

I realize many men are are obsessed with breasts. Somehow I think that is NOT going to sell more human, breast milk ice cream.

P.E.T.A., here's the deal. You are totally whacked out. My kids always said I had a 'look' that you did not want to cause or be on the receiving end. I think that 'look' is now for you, along with your stupid sign. I'm still deciding whether to laugh, cry, or just shake my head. And to think, these people are allowed to breed and vote!

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