Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson died? When did that happen....

I thought maybe, while watching the confirmation hearings the other day for a bit, Ms. Sotomamayor was beginning to write her memoirs. Enough scratching going on that pad of paper...or maybe she was just so bored watching the entire dog and pony show that she was writing out her grocery list. I know when I am at work and need to stop at the grocery store afterwards, I keep a small pad of paper available to add to the list as I think of items. By then I am past 2 items and a list is needed...

Did not Clarence Thomas go to hell and back with his confirmation hearings r/t the accusations of sexual harassment? That seemed to be more of an issue for the Dems than any of his rulings.

Here is something I have been using talking to the people at my Congressmen's offices that has to do their NOT reading the bills presented them. "I am a nurse (which I am) and I am taking care of you/and/or a family member. The physician writes many pages of orders that are very important in you/their daily care. I do not read the orders all the way through because I must perform those orders 'swiftly and boldly'. Because there are so many pages (and I have seen many pages of orders that are hand written in physician chicken scrawling that require some expertise in deciffering, not typed out neatly for 'swift and bold' reading) I pick out key words and phrases that catch my eye. I take these so called 'keys' and that is how I deliver your care. I do not read all of the orders because 'I do not have time'. Although I hear you telling me I need to read all of the orders because you want to be sure I am doing everything exactly as it is stated, I do not do so. 'Key phrases and words' are enough. I'll sort the rest out later. Do you SERIOUSLY want me to be the nurse taking of you or your family member??? If the answer is "no", THEN Mr. and Ms. elected official who is to be REPRESENTING 'We the People'....STOP RUNNING THE COUNTRY WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

Pretty soon that 'cheap suit' is going to be so full of wrinkles, he will never get them ironed out!

The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.