Friday, October 17, 2008

A 12 year old "Gets It'

A few weeks back I was amazed that my 12 year old grandson 'got it'. Sometimes I feel as if most of America doesn't 'get it'. We were traveling down 151 from Dubuque, IA headed back into WI to my place. I had Glenn Beck's nightly TV show on Sirius radio. Glenn was on a rant about Obama, soclialism and Obama's distribution of wealth. I assumed my grandson was engrossed in whatever was on his iPod, MP3 player..or whatever he had going. Little did I know he was listening AND paying attention.

He asked me what Glenn was talking about. I told him, but was not down to his level so he naturally asked me what it meant. I told him in this manner.

"Let's say you want something, a new electronic toy of some kind. The only way for you to get that item is to pay for it. You decide to mow lawns, rake leaves and shovel sidewalks for the neighbors. The money you make you are going to save for your purchase. So, you work really hard and save your money. Now, one of your classmates wants to buy a new electronic toy, also. He mows a couple of lawns, rakes some leaves but does not do much else, does not make as much money as you and does not save as much. You are able to get what you want, but he can't because he does not have enough money."

"Well, he should have worked more."

"Yes, he should have, but he didn't. Maybe he could not get enough jobs, maybe he didn't like to work, maybe he didn't do a very good job. Now, he still wants the toy. Someone decides that since you have the toy, then he should be able to have the same thing, too. So, they decide to take some of the money you make to give to him so that he has as much money as you. If he has as much money as you then he can buy the toy he wants.'

"But grandma, he didn't make the money, I did. Why should he get some of my money?"

"Well, some people think that everyone should be the same and have the same amount of money. In order for that to happen, those of us who work hard and make money have to give some of our money to them."

"But are they going to do something for you for the money you give them?"

"No, the money just goes to them. They do not have to do anything."

"Well that's just stupid. I'm not going to give my money to someone just because they want it."

"I agree with you. What would you do then?"

"I guess after I got my toy I would stop working. I'm not working for someone to take my money. That's just stupid."

Amen, my grandson..........that's just stupid. Just how stupid are we?

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