Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah 'Barracuda' Palin

Well..the suspense is over. While I figure everyone was expecting Lieberman or Romney as McCain's VP pick, he did the maverick thing, I guess, and picked Sarah Palin, GOV-AK. What a surprise! The Dems did not get a woman on the ticket, so the Republicans did it instead.

I have seen Sarah Palin interviewed on a couple of occasions. She appears to be a hard fighter, does not back down (barracuda was a nick name she acquired while being a competitive basketball player in school), is pro-life, pro GOD, pro 2ND Amendment, has been vocal in allowing drilling in ANWR. During her governing in AK she has taken strides to lower the cost of government by transporting herself around the state or taking flights from an array of airlines. She has been fighting for the public sector to receive monies from oil that is obtained from their personal property.

Some will say she does not have enough experience for the job. I would say she has as much, if not more, than the Democratic Presidential candidate. She does not come from DC and the garbage there. The Democrats are scurrying now to find the dirt, as it seems this campaign is about dirt and not substance. Their first response is that she does ntohave enough 'experience'. And your 'experience' Barack is....??? But to Barack Hussien Obama and the Democrats, as soon as you actually start to answer the questions the public needs to hear instead of skirting the issues, you best be taking care of the skeletons in your own closet. We have yet to hear who you 'really are'. It appears the only people who can tell us that are Michelle and yourself. A little biased, maybe?

This is going to be interesting, to say the least. Very interesting!

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AnnDrea said...

Do you really think a woman that is Gov of a state that has less people than Grand Rapids, Michigan - has more experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden? What national experience does she have? Do you believe in the Constitutional separation of church and state (noticed that you think she's "pro God". Why do you mention Obama's middle name? What does that matter? Your blog scares me...not sure why you like this woman that we know NOTHING about.