Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Not Have Another Rerun

Hurricane Gustav is reportedly headed for the Golf of Mexico. Will it hit LA and possibly set ruin to New Orleans again? Will the people of New Orleans take heed this time and get out while the getting is good, or will they remain in the city waiting for the rest of America to again come to their rescue?

With the large number of Katrina 'victims' still in federal housing and still demanding more help from the government, I hope the ones still left in New Orleans take heed and leave. Pack up the kids and the dog, get what valuables you can into your car, board up your house and get the hell outta Dodge. You have been warned. If you chose to stay and do not prepare yourselves for what is to surely come, if you do not go back afterwards and assist in the cleaning up and the rebuilding, then shut up now. Fingers in my I do not want to see you on TV in a stadium, on a collapsed expressway, or bridge bemoaning the fact...'nobody took care of you'.

Many here, in the Midwest are still suffering the ravages of the floods this spring. I know people who might not be able to get into their homes for several months yet as they are still sitting in rancid water. They have made other plans and are dealing with it. They are cleaning up the mess and moving on. They started cleaning up as soon as the skies cleared and the waters receded.

Already the fingers are being pointed at the President and the Republican party as they prepare for the upcoming convention this Monday. How can they even think of 'partying and having a good time' when others could be suffering? Should they cancel or delay...just in case? Will that stop Gustav in his tracks? Will that make the people of LA and New Orleans smarter?

Will the Democrats leaving the convention this week head to LA and New Orleans to aid those who might possibly be in need?

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