Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Death Sentence or Choice?

In a 'past life', when I was a Liberal, I naturally had very liberal thoughts. I was against the death penalty, I was pro-choice, and every one needed a 'helping hand'. At some point I was 'born again' and took on a completely different thought process. I guess there is supposed to a defining moment in your life when this takes place, unfortunately I can not remember when that happened. I am going to believe it was after I became a mom, when I became 'responsible' for that tiny human being.

This past weekend, the two assumed presidential candidates where again asked about their stance on abortion, when is a fetus a human being, when does that baby have 'rights' as a human. Sen. McCain, without hesitation, stated it was at conception. Sen. Obama stated he could not answer that question as he was not high enough on the pay scale. So where on the 'pay scale' does a person, especially a presidential candidate, need to be to make decisions based on their beliefs? And heaven forbid, actually stick by their beliefs and not adjust them to appease the voting public that is being addressed.

I am pro-life. By no means should abortion be used as birth control. I would be all for the 'morning after pill' as it canonly be used within 72 hours post conception. I would be all for a very early term abortion in the case of rape and incest, unless the woman was a willing partner in the case of incest. At this point I do not feel a woman should have to be subjected to this. But, if a woman has allowed this pregnancy to go past the first trimester in the case of rape or incest, then I do not feel she should take this option, especially if she is in her late 2nd or 3rd trimester. There are many couples in this country who would love to give that child a home.

In the case of the mother's life, if this pregnancy has progressed to the end of the 2nd trimester or into the 3rd trimester, these babies have a chance of survival. It might be slim, but by the grace of GOD and the expertise of specialists they can survive and live a full life. Many babies are born prematurely and do well. I have two grand children who are 'preemies'...23 weeks or less...the end of the 6th month. One was born early because of many complications with his developement requiring the need for an emergency c-section. Another was again an emergency c-section because of a premature ruptured placenta.

Both of these babies could have been a 'late term' abortion. Instead being removed from their mother's womb and left to die, alone, in a dirty utility room, they were given the best chance possible. Today John, 13, is entering 8th grade, a typical boy who loves skateboarding, riding his bike, video games, and cooking. He is a practical joker who is also very sensitive to other's, their needs and feelings. While he does have some learning disabilities, they are not something that have not been overcome with the persistance of my daughter, his mother. Alexia is a very active 6 year old who just entered 1st grade. She is a 'tough kid' who has to be so, growing up with 2 older brothers. She is funny and cute with a smile that goes from cheek to cheek, but she will not back down from someone who is 'not nice' to her. Don't be the little boy who calls her names, punches her or pulls her hair!

Sen. Obama has been very supportive of late term abortions. He sees nothing wrong with the removal of a possibly viable human being from their mother's womb, a breathing baby who is left to die alone in a dirty utility room....a disposable product of a bad decision. The mother's choice is the most important thing here. He and the liberal left, who rant about animal rights, that the death penalty is inhuman, the environment and recycling, etc., can flip-flop and dispose of a human being as if it were a left over piece of meat on their plate. One cannot drown or abandon a bag of puppies or kittens without meeting the rath of animal rights activists, but one can leave their breathing, crying and defenseless baby to die in a sink without recourse or punishment.

Here is an alternative plan as these abortions are murder...period. If these 'mothers', and I use the term sarcastically, do not want these babies then it should be mandated they adopt that child. No future paternal rights. Better yet, be a true liberal and give the birth mother a really great tax break for her 'pain', a great liberal entitlement program. A requirement prior to receiving the late term abortion should be to watch a film of one being performed right up to the time the baby is left to die alone and takes it's last breath. If this does not change the mind of the 'mother', then may I recommend sterilization immediately afterwards. She does not deserve the 'right' to repeat this offense.

On the other hand, since it is the liberals who are so pro-choice...who will save a puppy but leave their baby to die..maybe they would just abort themselve into extinction.

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