Monday, August 4, 2008

Give Me a Human Being, PLEASE!!!

Who came up with the automated answering system used by so many businesses now? Please step forward so I can flex up those 4 muscles it to takes to throw out one big 'bitch-slap'.

If one thing can really frustrate me, it would be these systems. Frequently there is no way to actually get to speak to a real, live human. This was proven true this morning when trying to get through to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. All we were wanting to do was to switch plates on the truck to farm plates. The first number was answered by a machine, which, after going through many switch overs we were finally informed by Mrs. Hal we needed to hang up and dial a different number. Praise be!! Could it be we would really be able to talk to a human? Not on your life.

I hate to think of the number of times I have encountered these systems and no matter what you 'say' into them they do not understand you. I feel sorry for anyone with a speech impediment or who is very hard of hearing. I know there is a website out there that has many, many businesses listed and how to over ride their system. I believe I 'saved' it in a file on my computer, but that can be similar to 'putting something where I know I can find it later'. Sometimes I have found by simply hitting '0' over and over I will finally get routed through to a real human. This does not always work and that is when I then resort to some profuse swearing enough to cause a sailor to blush, as my grandmother would say. I am not sure if it is the cueing of the profanity into their system, or the irritation in my voice, but I have frequently been then routed to a real, live human. Sometimes they can even speak English!

While these systems are more than likely put into place to get the customers call answered in a timely manner, therefore increasing customer satisfaction, my customer satisfaction is usually decreased because of the system. Somedays I think I would rather deal with Habibe in the Middle East somewhere. I wonder if these jobs, of answering the phone, are jobs that 'Americans just won't do'?

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luxomni said...

There is something worse. It is practiced by charities, salesmen and especially by politicians -- Predictive dialing. They dial many calls at a time. Whoever answers and speaks first -- "Hello? Hello?" -- is graced with someone trying to seduce you from your money. Otherwise, you get an empty line -- an automated hangup call.

Here in front of Connie and the world, I declare that I will not vote for any candidate who disrespects me so much that they will use predictive dialing to call me.