Saturday, August 2, 2008

Anyone Listening?

Yesterday, Congress left for their 5 week summer break. One of the big issues I was hoping they would take care of was the energy issue. That did not happen. While the President took away the executive order that prevented drilling for oil in our own country, Congress has still not addressed the issue. The House has had it's hands tied to even debate the issue, mainly by Nancy Pelosi. She is a woman driven by her own ambition and this ambition is not for the good of the country. I am not sure what her issues are, but I am sure control and power are factors in her behavior. She is enjoying both of them, to our disadvantage.

As the Republicans in the house attempted to bring the issue of our energy crisis to the floor for a vote, all hell broke loose. Admist much yelling, a vote was taken by stating verbally 'yea' or 'nay' as to whether the House should stay to finish the work that needed to be done. In watching and listening, one was unable to disguinish one from the other. Somehow the 'yeas' took the lead. Then it was decided to do a vote that could actually be hand counted and they had 15 minutes to complete. I believe that is when Nancy had the reporters removed, the mikes shut off and she took care of the energy issue by saving some electricity. She turned off the lights and the Democrats 'left the building'. The majority of the Republicans stayed. I can attest to that as I was on the phone calling the Republican Representatives offices to see if they were there or had gone on home. One had left, the rest were still there wanting to finish the job.

Nancy has made her point very clear. There will be NO DRILLING in the U.S.A. as long as she is in control. I agree we need alternatives to energy. Those projects; solar, wind, water, nuclear, electric and hydrogen have been or are currently being perfected. Each and every one has their plus side and their down side. We are years away from the perfection and economic feasability of some.

We will still need oil. Gas is not the only thing that oil is used for in our daily lives.
For many who state we should not use any fossil fuels then get rid of everything plastic in your home. That means no computer, no TV, no cell phone, no iPOD or MP3 player, no CD player, no radio, no clocks, no alot of things. Turn in your bicycle because you will not have any tires on which to ride. The environmentalists, who appear to control much of our lives, are going to be sure you do not have ANYTHING in the end. We will certainly be back to Adam and Eve, but don't pluck too many leaves from the trees as you might damage them. Get used to living in a nudist colony, eating berries...but not too many...and pray the climate warming continues because if it does not, you are going to be pretty darned cold!

There are Democrats in Congress who DO want us to drill. They are for coastal water drilling, drilling in ANWR, coal/shale to oil production in the west. My representative, Kind is one of them. Kudos to them!!! I just wish they had stuck it out yesterday and stayed showing the country they are committed to the cause. Who knows, maybe GW will call their butts back into session on Monday. We can only hope.

It’s about time someone in congress is talking about this. Click on the link below and pass it on.
Congressman Don Young R-Alaska is right on with this one and it should be heard.

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