Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Nose Groweth!

It is rather obvious that politicians believe we are a pretty stupid and gullible lot. I am sure there are many who believe everything that is said by them and many will fall under the spell of certain, well spoken politicians.

The latest has been Hillary and her arrival in Bosnia on 1996. First, does she really think we would believe the fact the First Lady and her daughter would be taken to an area where security is a very possible and dangerous issue? Would security not be so tight the fact of the possibility of gunfire not be known prior to the landing?

I was surprised she did not tell us she grabbed a weapon from a soldier's hands, and while carrying her daughter on her back during her run for cover was able to kill many of the enemy. All of this would have occurred, of course, while being read poetry by the throng of children standing in the back ground. Her recollection is so far from the truth, I worry about her recollection of important and necessary facts while being 'commander in chief'.

Mr. Obama cannot remember, or is not sure if he heard the rants of his pastor of 20 years. So, was he not paying attention while in church, was he asleep, was he not really there? But then, maybe he did remember. Was he too afraid of telling the minister he did not agree with the comments and therefore would need to find a different church? And if that is the case, why? Or, does he really agree but will not tell the public as he knows the response of most Americans would be to shun him and his beliefs. What would he conveniently forget or not hear while 'commander in chief'?

The governor of New York has lied and evidently used public funds for his pleasure. The new governor now admits to affairs and the past use of drugs. At least he is up front. The mayor of Detroit...need I go on?

All in all, these people need to know what they say and do always has the possibility of coming back to bite them in the butt later. If you have to hide it, don't do it. Politicians, like movie stars and professional atheletes are people who are always in the public eye.They are the people our children look to as being 'important'. What message do they send with their lies and deceit? Maybe they need a reread of Pinocchio.

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