Friday, March 14, 2008

And the Mad Horseman Rides Again

The political arena is just about killing me. The latest vote to put to rest for a few months the pork barrel filled, earmark spending of....well..that new Democratic 'Transparent' Congress..I just reckon it must be an addiction with politicians. They cannot seem to keep their pants on for anything, and again the American citizen gets a screw job. Only three other Democrats voted with the two Democratic contenders for president to stop the insane spending. Nancy, I guess the rest were NOT listening in class the day you 'promised' a transparent, governing body.

I wrote this many months ago during the back door deal with Teddy Kennedy, McCain and the likes as they tried to ram their amnesty for ILLEGALS down our throats. For some reason, more so the liberal faction, seem to believe the rest of us have no clue as to how to take care of ourselves or our families. We cannot have private accounts for social security or medicare, we cannot handle our own health insurance if tax breaks were given us to do so, etc. We NEED the government to take care of us in every part of our lives. Unfortunately bigger government means less freedom for all of us.

The greed of those who were chosen to serve us is much stronger than their desire to do right. As they watch that mad horseman gallop towards them, breathing fire with red eyes blazing and consuming them in their greed, they see nothing else but a way to increase their ill conceived self worth. "To hell with you fools!", they spout at us as if we are nothing more but serfs placed here to do their bidding. You would think we had not enough common sense to come in out of the rain.

But the 'serfdom' has risen, quietly at first as news trickled down from above of deals done in the dark of night began to come together to start the tightening of the collar around their necks. As the choking started the serfs began to resist, fingers placed between that collar and the air it was trying to cut off. First one finger, then the next and finally the hand that tore it loose. To this, the knights in dark armor and black flowing robes were surprised and returned to the castle in dismay. How could this be? How could these humble people, so needy of the crumbs thrown at them turn against the hand that feeds them? And the people laughed and scoffed back with scornful looks, "Who tends your fields? Who fills your coffers? Who do you find to help you defend your castle when the 'enemy' comes charging to your door?"

The knights and kings and all of their 'folly' men were shocked. How dare these people speak to them this way. We are the power. We have the control. And the serfs shook their heads and turned their backs on the 'all mighty' men of power and returned to their homes. They tended their homes and fields. They fed their herds, helped each other and stood guard over all that was theirs. They grew in numbers as the news spread. The numbers grew and grew. The serfs rose up again and the noise was deafening. It traveled across the land, to the ears of those who quivered behind the castle doors as they were out numbered and all of the foolishness they threw at the serfs was for naught. Some serfs fell, but they fell for a good cause and with this their numbers grew larger. Their cries were so loud it loosened the stones of the castle walls, it began to crumble and all of those inside perished.

The madman on his horse, breathing fire and red eyes blazing crashed from the rubble. He turned away at the sight of the serfs, standing tall, strong and not moving. They were the guardians of what was theirs. They would preserve what was meant to be. They would always remember the castle and those who had lived inside. They would not forget the evil of the mad horseman. And they would tell the story to those who came after them.

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