Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here I am!

I have been told that I needed to have my own blog. While I have given that some thought, I pretty much figured there are many others out there doing the same thing and cyberspace probably did not really need another one. Besides, an old friend of mine had started one on here and in reading his I decided he presents my issues and thoughts in a fairly precise manner. But then again, as I have been told, why not have a 'mature' woman's slant on things. Ha!

If you so chose to read this blog, you will probably note I certainly do tend to run on the conservative side of thought. I feel that common sense is one our most important attributes, although it appears that many have lost the ability to think using common sense. Somewhere along the line 'he', common sense, was killed and I am beginning to wonder if 'he' will ever be resuscitated. We appear to be more PC than CS.

Too afraid of stepping on some one's toes or causing hurt feelings, we now find ourselves living in a society where being responsible for your actions is not expected. Our children are not expected to behave for fear of any consequences. We allow ILLEGAL immigrants/aliens to cross our borders without fear of consequences. Our athletes, who should be role models for our children, break the law with illegal drug use, gambling, dog fighting, or whatever else and feel they are above the law. Our I even want to go over paid as the athletes, for the most part appear to no longer have an interest in "We the People'. They continue to lie, cheat, and steal from us. Their interests are to stay in office for the good of their pocket book. The worst part, we complain, but continue to put them there!

Obesity runs rampant through the country, and it Mickey D's fault for force feeding us, for not allowing us to get up off our duffs and getting some exercise. Families are losing their homes to foreclosure over bad choices of mortgage's. It is felt the government should 'bail them out'. A large portion of the population are in debt over their heads with maxed out credit cards. Should the government also bail out these folks, or should they learn to live within their means? Is responsibility for our choices ours, or does it belong to another?

Just some thoughts, until another day.


tony said...

Nicely done....and nicely preserved, probably because of all the tequilla thoughout the years.


luxomni said...

Welcome, lovely Connie, it is nice to have you join us here. I hope the writer's muse visits you more often than she does me.