Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Never Alone

I have not posted for a while, one reason being this computer was 'down' again and in the geek shop for a cleansing. It seems something bad was trying to infiltrate it and making my life miserable. I had the old dog up and running, but for some reason could not get into this site. It was something about cookies and java script, chocolate chips and a latte??? I managed the cookies thing but never cold figure out the java stuff and sometimes the stress it causes is just not worth it.

A few posts back I posted about the group, Soldiers Angels and my adopted soldiers. Yesterday I adopted a new 'son'. He is stationed in Iraq on his 3rd tour. He is 'tired' and although I know he will appreciate the box of goodies I sent him yesterday, it will be the prayers and support I give him that will make the real difference.

Today one of my emails was about a Cherokee tale. In this story the young Indian is taken into the woods at night, blindfolded and left to sit on a tree stump until he sees the sunlight come though the blindfold in the morning. If he is able to stay there and not leave, no matter how afraid he is, he is then considered a brave. During the night the young man heard many sounds that frightened him, but he stayed sitting bravely...alone. In the morning he saw the light of the sun's rays through his blindfold. When he removed it from his eyes he saw his father sitting on a stump next to him. He had not been alone after all.

All of us are like that young Cherokee. Frequently we find ourselves sitting alone in fear of what is around us. Like that young Cherokee, we are not alone as GOD is always sitting next to us whether we seem to know it or not. We ask for his guidance and pray for certain outcomes in our life. Sometimes we get what we want, but not always. When the answer is not what we want we are frustrated and angry at HIM. But when we do have our prayers answered, how often do we stop to reflect and offer up a 'thank-you'?

Lately it appears we, as Americans, have AGAIN had our belief in GOD and the fact we turn to him during times of despair rubbed into our faces. Yes, many of us are not happy with the way our country is being 'run'. Yes, when we lose a job or something else goes wrong we turn to what makes us feel better...hunting or GOD....or whatever. Yep, there are many who are tired of the whole ILLEGAL alien garbage and we speak our piece on it. None of these things makes us a racist, illiterate, nor stupid as it appears some politicians want to make us feel. It merely shows we are human. One day, and hopefully soon, maybe they will 'get it'. I am having my doubts though. Could it possibly this is one of the prayers that will not be answered as I had hoped?

Today my prayers go out to my 'boys' in Iraq and Afghanistan. I pray they are safe, that they know myself and many others support them completely. I pray they know they are the Cherokee brave, they are never alone.

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