Wednesday, April 23, 2008

E-mail Petitions Going Nowhere!

Again today, I received an e-mail asking me to sign an on-line petition and when the 1,000th person signs it they should then forward it to 'whoever'. I believe this time it was to go to the president. I have seen this same petition over the past few years, therefore I figure it is probably outdated. I know these petitions mean nothing and past experience has shown me the e-mail address attached to return, if you are signer number 1,000, usually does not exist.

Could this just be a means to search out active e-mail addresses only to then send on more junk mail than one needs? Or, is it a way to get into your computer and just be a mean and evil person? Possibly the person who started the entire thing is honest and just trying to get some issue resolved. If so, I applaud them. BUT, if you find the issue of interest relevant and you so desire to take action you are more likely able to get results by contacting the party either by mail or phone. For instance, you feel an issue your elected government official should take notice to would be better served by actually contacting that person's office either by phone, mail, or by the e-mail located in their website. While it might sound easy and more powerful to have your name attached to an e-mail petition that supports 1,000 names, you can never be sure it is real and that signer 1,000..or anyone past your name...will actually send it on.

I delete each and everyone I receive, so please do not count on me to get your name to where you expect it to go. Pick up the phone, write a letter, send a personal e-mail to the person(s) you need to contact. If 1,000 people did the same, the impact would be greater. The phone ringing off the hook in a congressional office by 1,000 people or 1,000 letters being dumped on their desk has impact. A single e-mail that ends up in most everyone's delete file goes nowhere.

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