Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Burnt Out

I am burnt out on politics. I am not sure I can make it through the next 2 weeks and keep my sanity. I have found the mute button the remote and am using it consistantly. I do not want to hear one more promise that is not going to be kept, one more slur, one more bash. I want the facts. I want to know what each candidate is going to attempt to do to my country over the next 4 years. I do not want political, BS rhetoric or promises put to me in language I have no clue what it means. I am tired of double talk, of 'legalese' crap that I know is piled so high and stinks so bad I can barely believe they really 'think' I believe it.

I don't care if Sarah Palin and her husband got married maybe just months before the birth of their first child. I doubt they will go down in history if it is true. Bill Clinton got a blow job in the Oval Office and that was supposed to be ignored. Hillary, you must want that Oval Office job really bad to put up with that crap. I would have dropped kicked his dumb ass down the steps of the White House and sent it packing down Pensylvannia Ave. I don't care how much money the RNC spent on clothing for the Palin family, clothing that will be donated afterwards. I imagine the clothes worn by Sarah would do a mighty fine job for some homeless lady who needs a super nice outfit for a job interview. I don't care that McCain does not, or can not use a computer. I don't even care if McCain has a temper. GOOD! Let him turn that temper loose on Putin, Chavez, the little man in the little insignificant country of Iran at 3AM. Let him be the one you do not want to piss off.

I do care about a presidential candidate that nobody really knows anything about. I do care bout the socialist attitude the Democrats have taken.....share the wealth. Not MY wealth. I work hard for my money and if I want to share it, I will. If I don't, then damn it I won't. I pay out too much in taxes as it is, I certainly do not want Obama's entitlement programs to cost me anymore than they already do. There is no way he can pay for them unless he raises taxes...on many of the 95% he states he is going to help....of which 40%pay no taxes at all. His 'share the wealth' is simply theft of my money so some lazy ass can continue to sit at home complaining because the government has not done enough. Enough already. Bigger government costs more, at my expense. Bigger government means more noses in my business. I do not need your help, boys. Your assistance always requires one thing, a jar of vaseline.

The election will be decided by the people. Just which set of people are going to decide. Will it be the set who are so engrossed in the lives of the rich and famous, wanting to be one of them so badly they will follow another hollow human being.........the new Messiah....down the road of destruction? Will the readers of People and US magazine decide our future? Will it be decided by one of two 'Joes", the "Joe Bidens" or "Joe the Plumbers"? Will it be by those who will vote for Obama because he will change things, but when asked they have no clue what the 'change' means or how he intends to do it. They only know the rhetoric is good, the promises are sugar coated, the 'free lunch' is there. They are in a stupor drunk from too much 'koolaid'. I always say, "Don't drink the koolaid.".

I hope the election will be decided by 'the silent majority'. The people who know right from wrong, that it takes the 'Joe the Plumbers' of this country to keep it going, not the elite of Hollywood or the Beltway. These are the people who go to work everyday, buy only what they can afford to pay for, who work through the tough times without whining and expecting a handout. These people raise their children to be proficient in the 3 "R's" and not computer games, to know right from wrong, to know when to help someone and when to let them learn from their mistakes. They know GOD, they know what this country's foundation was meant to stand for, they understand the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights. They realize they have the RIGHT to pursue happiness, but maybe not attain it. They know they have the right to pursue success, but not necessarily become successful. They understand that there will always be those in this world who will 'have', and some who will not 'have'. They understand there are bad people in this world and some need to be dealt with accordingly. They realize that unless they can take care of themselves and respect themselves, nobody else will.

I hope the silent majority are not silent on November 4th.

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luxomni said...

Of course we're burned out. This has been the longest election cycle in history, and we have spent it defending our way of life - not from outsiders, but from within the United States. It is not that we are bored, we are tired. Obama voters like Obama himself do not care if they improve their lives or not as long as they they bring down those who have done better with theirs.